Clay White, LLC Therapeutic Programs, Activity Based and Sensory Driven.

Clay White, LLC

Clay White, LLC is made up of many Master's level professionals dedicated to providing additional therapeutic services to children already receiving Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, and/or Special Education services. We work with children with learning disabilities and dyslexia as well as those with Asperger's and Autism. We have an in-depth understanding of developmental issues and how they relate to socialization, group awareness, and self-esteem.

Activity Based: We assume these children learn by doing. Experiential in nature, every child is actively engaged, physically involved, and an integral part of a group function.

Sensory-Driven: Program design and decision-making is based upon an in-depth understanding of sensory integration and its relationship to each child's development and behavior.

Each program is composed of numerous groups. This allows us to group children according to age as well as therapeutic issues and developmental level. Every 8 week program starts "low & slow", letting each child grow and learn at his or her own speed. Our approach builds from the bottom up and from the outside in.

Each program has numerous groups which allow us to place children of similar issues and developmental levels together.

ASA's National Program of the Year, 2005
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