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Occupational Therapy Sensory Integration Summer Day Camp

Asperger's Sensory Integration ADHD PDD High Functioning Autism

Camp for Children with OT/SI Needs
What: Full Day Camp for Children with OT/SI Needs
Who:5 to 13 year olds in OT (Asperger's/Dyslexia/HFA)
When: Six one week sessions, Monday-Friday 9am-5pm

  • June 11
  • June 18
  • June 25
  • July 9
  • July 16
  • July 23

Cost: $700 per week

What: Gold Group: A overnight experience
Who:10 to 13 year olds with an OT background

  • June 25
  • July 23

Monday through Wednesday is the same as everyone else, but the GOLD GROUP leaves Thursday morning for Helen, GA, stays overnight at Clay’s Cabin, then returns Friday afternoon. Overnight activities: tubing, dinning out, swimming, game room, zip line, paint ball target range, and a movie.

Cost: $900 per week

Northwest Unitarian Church
1025 Mt. Vernon Hwy, NW
Atlanta, GA 30327
Why: Because it's long over due
Contact:Clay White 770-393-3939

  • 2:1 camper to staff ratio
  • Occupational Therapists as group leaders
  • "How Does Your Engine Run" model
  • No college kids making decisions
  • Just professionals, most all with master's degrees

Slide Show: Take a look at our slide show to see what it's like.

Summer 2016 Groups Pictures

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  • Blue Group Week 2
  • Blue Group Week 3
  • Blue Group Week 4-6
  • Gold Group Week 2
  • Gray Group Week 3
  • Gray Group Week 6
  • Platinum Group Week 3
  • Red Group Week 4
  • White Group Week 1
  • White Group Week 4
  • White Group Week 5
  • Children with Asperger's, Sensory Integration needs, ADHD, PDD, High Functioning Autism need a Summer Day Camp. Now they have one in Atlanta.

    This summer we are again offering our popular full day summer camp for children who receive OT for Sensory Integration issues - ideal for children with Asperger's ADHD and children on the Autism Spectrum aged 5 to 11 years. We have been offering this camp since 2007. We call our camp PEOTSI Day Camp, Activity Based & Sensory-Driven. P.E./O.T./S.I stands for P.E. for kids receiving O.T. due to S.I. Dysfunction

    Slide 2010

    Activity Based Therapy

    Assumes children learn by doing! We understand the importance of movement to overall development. Everything we do requires a child's brain to integrate many areas simultaneously. And that lays the foundation for more advanced physical, social, and academic learning.

    Sensory-Driven decision making and priority setting

    Assures that each child's particular sensory make-up is considered. Some kids crave mud, while others avoid it. We try to satiate the cravers while expanding the comfort zone of the avoiders. And we find the best mud in town! Some kids love to swing, others suffer from gravitational insecurity. We make sure both kids have a great experience on a rope swing. And we don't give a kid a "time out" if he decides to beat on a rock with a stick… we give him a bigger stick!

    Intelligently Designed and Professionally Applied

    Means no horror stories about "camp counselors" making poor decisions due to a lack of understanding of these aforementioned basics. We are real professionals with real credentials and years of work experience.

    !!! AROUSAL !!!

    For so many of our campers, the "How Does Your Engine Run?" program has been very meaningful. Each day at camp begins with a group engine check. The PEOTSI Day Camp provides a long day of fun, stimulating activities. Any child who needs to escape the camp's routine has several options. Among those options are the "Moon Room"and the playground.

    The Moon Room is lit with black lights which illuminate lots of day-glow stars, moons, and squishy toys. It is lined with crash cushions, mats, and pillows.

    moon room and playground

    Every day begins at the playground. The playground looks like an OT clinic in the trees. There are multiple zip lines, rope swings, tire swings, slide tubes, platforms, and cargo nets...all built into the trees of a beautiful wooded area.

    Summer Camp Images

    Take a look at our pictures from previous years' summer camps. or watch the slideshow.

    our leaders
    ASA's National Program of the Year, 2005
    Clay White (770)393-3939

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