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The Combine :: Self-Esteem, Excersize, Training for Heavy Kids

For bigger kids in elementary school, life can be tough. Because of their size, they can be made fun of or be ridiculed. Self esteem often suffers. If they were in high school, there would be lots of opportunities for them to take advantage of their size. The big guys at that level can become important members of various athletic teams. Every football team needs linemen to fill the tackle, guard, end, or center positions. Wrestling teams require participants at every weight division. The track team needs them in the weight events, such as shot put and discus.

The Combine Program takes these "little big men" and gives them a head start on building self esteem while still in elementary school. Each participant will work on the NFL Combine drills designed to measure and develop speed, power, and agility. They include:

They will learn blocking and rushing techniques, footwork, hiking the ball, long snapping, and other skills required of linemen.

They will also learn the fundamentals of the weight events in track and field:

During their 90 minute workout, these kids will double their heart rate, sweat, and burn the calories necessary to shed pounds with the overall result of looking and feeling better. And have FUN!

What: The Combine: Training Camp for Little Big Men

  • March 24 - May 12
  • Tuesdays, from 4 - 5:30pm
  • or
  • March 28 - May 16
  • Saturdays, from 2-3:30pm

Who: Little Big Men ages 9 - 12 yrs. old
Where: The Schenck School
Fee: $250 per 8 week session
Contact:Clay White 770-393-3939

Combine linebacker

Combine discus

Will Shelton, B.S. Health & P.E. from Valdosta State University. Will was a 4 year letterman at left tackle for Valdosta State. He also threw the shot and discus. He is currently running after school programs for the Suwanee Sports Academy while working on his master's degree in Health & P.E.

Clay White,B.A. Education from UNC-Chapel Hill, M.Ed. from Ga. State University. Clay was a long jumper & triple jumper at UNC where he learned to stay out of the way of the shot putters and discus throwers. He currently runs the P.E. program at The Schenck School as well as various ancillary programs via Clay White, LLC.

ASA's National Program of the Year, 2005
Clay White (770)393-3939

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